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WhatsApp Plus APK download 6.85 Latest Version For Android [Updated] 2019

We are living in the modern era of technology. Everything has become very fast and efficient. From the time, social media has taken hold of the internet, the chatting apps and websites have become a primary source of communication and information getting sites. This new version of Whatsapp is an updated version for which you do not need to uninstall the original version and it will automatically update with new versions after the installation of Whatsapp Plus APK download.

Due to these chatting platforms, people have got easy of communicating with each other. Among all the chatting apps, Whatsapp holds a significant place.It is dominating all the other chatting and messaging apps due to its user-friendly interface and great features. Many other new chatting apps are following the design and model of Whatsapp to make their place in the market. But people have become well used to the original Whatsapp version and the Whatsapp Plus APK download.

A new version of Whatsapp has been introduced and it is Whatsapp plus. It is a version of WhatsApp followed by the GB WhatsApp, OG Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus.

Importance of Whatsapp APK Plus


Like many other similar chatting apps, Whatsapp Plus APK download can perform many different functions as compared to Whatsapp. Sharing the themes, sending XML files and even hiding the blue ticks are a few extra features contained by WhatsApp Plus as compared to the simple Whatsapp version. Download the Whatsapp Plus and enjoy the extra features offered by the app.

Whatsapp Plus APK download is a chatting app which has become famous among many people around the world because of its compatibility and extra features. This is an Android app with your favorite features. Many people have come to know that the Whatsaap Plus is not working anymore but they want to have this app in their android phones. We have created an easy guide for you which you can follow and get this chatting app in your smartphone.

You can easily download and install the app through this guide and enjoy all the features that were also available in the simple Whatsapp version and it came into existence by Relfans.The developer of this app is Omar. As people have come to know about the unavailability of this app, so the developer carried by him. you can download Whatsapp Plus APK 

Whatsapp Plus Download for Android


Whatsapp Plus APK has come up with a few exciting features which you would do not want to miss. Hiding the ticks or sharing a theme and a few such exciting features are available in Whatsapp Plus. You and your friends can use the same themes as you can share your used themes with them too. You can install Whatsapp Plus download on your smartphone very quickly and can also enjoy the features offered by original Whatsapp. This chatting app is so famous because of its features and efficiency. Such features are absent in the original Whatsapp APK. Download and install your own Whatsapp Plus APK 2019 and start enjoying it.

Features of Whatsapp Plus APK


As we have earlier mentioned that Whatsapp Plus APK download has a lot of exciting features. Following are those features, have a look at them:

  • The function of Autoreply is available so you can send preplanned messaged to your friends and different groups.
  • you can also hide your closing visible from everybody you do not want to see it.
  • Disable the blue tick after you have read the receiver’s message.
  • Recover you all of the deleted messages.
  • Whatsapp Plus APK download is offering a better quality video call as compared to the original Whatsapp version.
  • You can now also disable or enable the voice calling or audio recording with this version.
  • You can change your theme any time you want and can also share it with anyone.
  • ‘Online Always’ option is also available if you want to show your status online every time.
  • You can also create privacy for your status. Only those people will be able to view your status to whom you will allow and rest of the contacts will not be able to view your status.
  • you could also send massive files thru Whatsapp Plus down load. you could ship files ranging from 2 MB to 50 MB, you may also control the nice and end result of the motion pictures and photos with this model.
  • You can also hide the typing Status while you are typing. The recipient will not be able to see your typing status while you are typing.

Inbuilt Security Lock

There is an inbuilt lock in this Whatsapp Plus APK download version. With this inbuilt lock available in this app, you can secure your chats and Whatsapp data from all of the people around you. You can only open the app using the password you will set. This Whatsapp Plus version is also very secure as compared to the original Whatsapp.

How to Download & Install WhatsApp Plus APK?



You have gone through all the introduction and feature information of Whatsapp Plus. It is time to know the downloading and installation process so you can also have the Whatsapp Plus in your phone. After you will download the Whatsapp Plus APK download, its file will download in your Downloads folder. You can access the ‘Downloads’ folder with the help of your File manager.

As you can see that Whatsapp is updating to the Whatsapp Plus version, in that case, you do not need to delete the original Whatsapp. But you need to keep one thing in mind. You will have to enable the third part installation option for installing Whatsapp. To enable this option, you will have to go to the privacy option available in your settings. Enable the ‘Allow installations from unknown sources’ and you are good to go. You can follow the following simple steps to download and install Whatsapp Plus download.

Steps to Download


  • You do not uninstall the original version of Whatsapp as you will get the updated features of it through Whatsapp Plus APK download.
  • After you have downloaded Whatsapp Plus APK file, go to your downloads folder and click the file to start the installation process and it will then proceed automatically.
  • Once it is updated, Whatsapp will return to its earlier version. Don’t worry, all of your previous data will remain saved in the app.
  • When the Whatsapp Plus APK download gets installed, click the open option. Then you will see a box sating ‘Agree and continue’. Check that box for agreeing and continuing with the terms and conditions of the app. Then you will be asked to restore all of your previous data and you should click the ‘Restore’ option. This will restore all of your chats, files, images, and contacts saved on Whatsapp.
  • Now select your country to very your mobile with the provided OTP.
  • At this moment Whatsapp Plus APK is successfully installed in your phone and now you can enjoy all of the new features.

How to install WhatsApp Plus for PC?


If are a bit curious about the installation of Whatsapp Plus APK download on your smartphone, then stop worrying about it. You can now also install Whatsapp Plus version on your PC as well. This compatibility has also made Whatsapp Plus very famous among many people around the world. If you want to install this version of Whatsapp Plus, then follow the following simple and easy steps and you will be ready to use it.

If you want to install this new version of Whatsapp on your PC, then you need to follow all of these steps. Your PC will not support this Android app, so you will have to download an Android emulator to support the Whatsapp Plus APK download.

You can download the Android Emulator from www.bluestacks.com. After the android emulator is installed, go and click on the ‘Upload APK’ option. Now you can upload and download files through the below mentioned steps.

You can also pin the app in your taskbar to open the app from your home screen.

Whatsapp APK Pus for iOS


We are sorry to say that there is no Whatsapp Plus APK download version yet for the iOS users. But you don’t need to worry about it. Soon there will be a version of this app for the iOS users. Then you will also be able to enjoy the extra features offered by Whatsapp Plus.

Whatsapp APK Plus Version Information


App Name

The name of this new version is Whatsapp Plus.


The version set for this app is 6.65

App Size

This app consumes memory of 28 MB of your android device.

Last Updated

Each and every app needs to be updated to improve its quality and serviced for the users. This app was last updated on 11th November 2018.

Required Android version

All the apps are compatible with different android version. Whatsapp Plus APK download requires Android version 4.0+ to get installed in your device.

Package name

The package name if this app is com.Whatsapp2Plus.

Main Aim

It has all of the Whatsapp feature and some extra features which make it more efficient.

Permission List

Every android app has a permission list which allows you to access different features of your smartphone through the app. Similar is the case with Whatsapp Plus. It also permits you to access a few features of your phone. All of those features are mentioned as follows:

Kill Background Tasks

If any other tasks are operating or any other apps open while you use Whatsapp Plus  you can finish all of those extra tasks operating in the background are of no use at that moment. This will save a lot of your phone battery and will optimize your phone’s performance.

Internet Access

You will need to have internet access if you want to use Whatsapp Plus. Without the internet, you will not be able to communicate with others through this app and you will also be not able to use its features.

Access Bluetooth, Camera, Mic, and Gallery

Whatsapp Plus APK download will also need the permission to use your Bluetooth, camera, mic, and gallery. In case you want to share any file, image or you want to make or receive a call, you will have to access the camera, mic, and gallery.

Get accounts

Whatsapp Plus mod APK will also get your accounts if any available.

Read Contacts

The Whatsapp Plus version will also read all of your contacts and show them in the app contact list so you can contact all of your contacts who are available on WhatsApp.

Modify Audio settings

You might need to modify your audio settings for making and receiving calls or receive or record audio files.

Record audio

It will also record audio for you when need so it also needs the permission of your audio settings.

Send SMS

Your most of the conversations will be through messages on Whatsapp Plus APK download. Because of this it also needs SMS sending permission.

Write External Storage

It will also need the access of your external storage so that Whatsapp Plus mod APK can easily save all of your data that you receive or send.

Use Google Maps


Whatsapp Plus APK download also has a feature of sending and receiving some one’s location using the Google maps. That is why it also needs the permission of using Google maps.

I hope you have gone through all of the information regarding Whatsapp Plus and its downloading and installing process. Now all of your concerns and queries would have gone. Do not worry about your contacts and data stored in the original Whatsapp. All of it will be saved for you and just the original WhatsApp will be updated to the Whatsapp Plus download with a few more new exciting and useful features.

You can easily download this app from any website you want to. There are no complications in finding and downloading the app. If you have all the requirements need to install Whatsapp Plus APK 2019, it will not take too much of your time to get installed and you will be soon ready to go.

Whatsapp Plus download is the best way to get this app for your PC or any Android device.you can get more app liks spotify, Freedom, Mobdro

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