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Showbox APK Download 5.01 Latest Version For Android [Updated] 2019

One of the best available on the internet to watch free movies and TV shows for free is the Showbox apk Download. The following information is all about the useful features and advantages of having Showbox APK 2019 in your system. You can now download and install the new version of this from the official website. Although the original version of the Showbox apk Download is not available on the website but you can get your hands on the efficient and 100% working virus free apk. The Showbox APK has been tested in the Android Jellybean version 4.3.1 and it is working efficiently without any issues or bugs. It is very compatible with the android devices and runs very smoothly.


All of this information is to guide you about the Showbox APK 2019 and the proper way of downloading and installing it in your desired systems. You will be now able to download 5.11 version of this app and also the earlier version. Version 5.11 of Showbox apk Download is very suitable for you because with this version you can enjoy new features. You will also be able to use the music streaming feature with this version of this app. Although there are many other earlier versions of this app like version 5.10, 5.04, 4.94. 4.73, 4.72 and 4.982 but the latest version is the best.

All of this guideline is for you to know and understand the process of downloading app and install it in your android device. Additionally, this app lets you watch online free movies and TV shows. It offers all of the entertainment content in high definition quality. You can easily download the Showbox apk Download for android but the android version should be more than Android 4.0. Otherwise, the app will not be compatible with your device. You can also download your favorite content with this app.

Best entertainment source

In short, it is obvious this app is one of the best entertainment resources. Furthermore, you can use the app to watch your favorite movies and shows anywhere and anytime you want. App got its popularity from the Android users. This app was first created for the android users available around the globe. Now, this app is also compatible with iOS and PC. This app has a very friendly user interface. It is straightforward and easy to use and anyone can download and use it. Different options are provided in the menu depending upon the types of movies and TV shows available. Choose your favorite type to watch it online and download. Therefore this categorization of movies makes users choose their favorite movie or show without any issue. Due to this you can also search for anything in the search box using keywords. you can also try Mobdro APK download

In-built player

Another efficient feature available in Showbox apk Download is that it has an inbuilt player. This inbuilt player lets the movies and videos to stream quickly with a good result and without any disturbance.

Free Subtitles

You can stream your desired videos in any language you want. This app has videos or movies of different languages for its users so they can enjoy. You can also download the subtitles of the movie or show you want to watch. You can easily download the subtitles by making an ‘Opensubtitles’ account. If you are having a high-quality internet, then you can easily stream and download your favorite entertainment content. All the features are free. You can entertain yourself with the app as you do not have to pay for it. Get rid of apps for which you have to pay.You May also Try Freedom APK Download

Official Showhox APK Version 5.11 Download 2018 for Android

This is an android based app which lets you watch your favorite entertaining content on your android device. This is one of the best entertaining apps available on the internet. The collections of movies, songs and TV shows available on this app are also very fascinating. You will probably have to follow a few necessary steps to download and install this app in your android app. You can also get this app in your android phone for free. We have mentioned a few features for the Android version of this app. Showbox Latest APK features File type Showbox app has an .apk file type File Size This app will occupy 39.1 MB of the memory of your phone.

It is not a heavy app because it does not take too much memory of your phone. Requires Android version You can download and install Showbox APK android on your phone that is above android 4.0.Download time If you have a good internet speed, then this app will probably take 10 seconds to download. Video quality Although the video quality is adjustable in the app you can watch HD 720-pixel result movies in your phone. Features Showbox APK is a very light app with genuine features so you can do unlimited streaming, No restrictions. Mods Available Another exciting feature of this app is that Mods is also available. Showbox 5.11 APK (Updated October 2018) you may also try Spotify Premium APK download

Furthermore, you now have the access to the latest version of this app. If you want to use the latest features offered by Showbox APK, you will certainly have to install it on your android phone. This latest version of app also allows you to have music streaming and TV shows.

How to use the Latest Showbox app APK on your Android phone?

If you are new to Showbox apk Download and have recently heard of its exciting features then you will have to follow a few steps. These simple steps will let you download and install app in your Android phone. Following are the steps for downloading and installation: First of all, you need to click the given link and download the app for free.

  • First of all, check your settings. If the option of ‘Download from unknown resources’ is off, to enable it first. You can do it from the settings and privacy options of your android phone. This will help to remove all the issues during installation of Showbox APK android.
  • After the app is downloaded. Tap on it to start the installation process on your Android device.
  • The installation will take a few minutes to wait for it to get complete. After the installation process is completed, the app is ready for you to use. Tap on the icon available on your phone screen and you can finally start using it.

Features of Latest version of Showbox APK

The new version of Showbox apk Download

  • It is decidedly less in size and can easily be downloaded and installed for all the android versions above v4.0
  • All of the features are free for you.
  • You can online stream your favorite movies and TV shows. Not only has this, but Showbox APK 2019 also allowed you to download your favorite entertainment content.
  • You can also download the subtitles of a movie or TV show for a better understanding.
  • This app also lets you stream movies and series on Chromecast.
  • This latest version has an additional feature which allows you to download your favorite music or songs as well.
  • Another exciting feature of this app is that genres, years and ranking separate all the movies and TV shows so you feel easy to search what you want.

Above all mentioned details, videos available on Showbox apk Download can be played on MX Player. Any other video player like VLC is also compatible with playing videos on this app.

Showbox for iOS

Showbox APK is an android generated app. Earlier, only the android users could use this app for their favorite entertainment content. But now iOS users do not need to worry because Showbox APK for iOS is now also available for iOS users. This app works very efficiently for iPhone users and Ipad devices. This app is also famous among so many people around the world because of its features and compatibility. It is the best online streaming app available on the internet. Now, iOS users can stream their favorite videos and movies for free by using app.

Videos available in this app are of different quality. iSO users can set low, medium or high video quality depending upon their internet speed. Good internet speed will provide high-quality streaming videos. iOS users can also download their favorite videos with this app. Any iSO user can also have unlimited online streaming for free anywhere and anytime they want. Hence, you can spend your spare in the most fun way with Showbox apk Download.you can also try Mobdro APK download

Features of Showbox for iOS devices


  • It has an exciting design with the best searching results for entertaining content.
  • The layout of Showbox APK for iOS is very perfect. You do not need any sign-up or login to use this app so just download and install and it is ready to use.
  • You can choose your favorite movies and shows in the provided list.
  • iOS users will also get exclusive updates and notifications related to the latest movies and shows.
  • Showbox apk Download also allows iOS users to download their favorite videos.
  • Different sections are made according to the types of movies, TV shows and music available on the internet.

Install Showbox on your iOS device

The installation process for your iOS device is a bit similar to that of Android devices. iOs device users need to first of all download Vshare to allow downloading APK. This app will not get downloaded without Vshare because the device will not support it. After downloading Vshare, search for app and click on the download button. After the app is downloaded, tap the install option and after a few minutes, the app will finally be ready for you to use.

Showbox for PC

People having PCs were a bit worried about having app in their system. As this device was first developed only for the android users. But now PC users should not worry about it. Now they can also download any version of Showbox apk Download on their system. The app is straightforward and also very easy to use on a PC. Therefore you do not need to an expert for this. Just the controls will change but the features and interface will be very similar to that of phone version. Showbox APK for PC was introduced because people love to watch movies and TV shows on the big screen. They can now also enjoy their favorite entertainment content on the big display screen of their PC.you may also try Whatsapp Plus APK download

Specifications of Showbox for PC


  • Developer: Showbox
  • Supported Operating Systems: Multi-Platform – Android, iOS, and Windows
  • Languages: Languages
  • License Freeware
  • Release Date: June 10, 1999
  • Category: Multimedia

Showbox App Requirements

There are no issues or hurdles in downloading and installing app on your PC or laptop. The downloading procedure of this app is as simple as you have downloaded any other thing on your PC. A few requirements for installation of this app are Wifi, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 (primarily working on other versions as well).

Download and Install Showbox APK for PC or laptop

The download steps of Showbox APK for PC are straightforward. If you have downloaded anything on your PC then this should not be a difficult task for you. All the steps are similar to other downloads. One thing is different. You will have to download ARC Welder. Download it from Google Chrome because it helps you to download APK. After downloading ARC welder, search for APK in it and download. After downloading, install the app and it will be finally ready to use in a few minutes.

Fix Showbox APK not working (Error in Connection)

As you have known that Showbox apk Download is an app with amazing features for Android, iOS and also for the PC users. It is the best online movie streaming app because of its features and versatile compatibility. Sometimes apps can show any errors or issues in connection. You might face connection error in app on your device. To remove such an error, follow the following steps:

Steps to remove errors

  • First of all go to the settings of your android phone.
  • Search and click the app option available in the settings of your device
  • Click on the app.
  •  Recommendation Lucky Patcher APK download

Then click the storage option of the Showbox apk Download. Now clear all the data and cache of the app and restart your device so that you don’t have no issue and the app will work efficiently and smoothly

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